Cochise Hotel
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2007 to 2014 The years vacant while for sale by the Amerind Foundation.


HOTEL FOR SALE !  Listing from 2008 - 2014 by The Dipeso Group.

With the death of Mrs. Husband the Hotel property was assumed by the AMERIND foundation.  The contents of the buildings were given to the trustees and the land was put up for sale.  It remained on the market for six years, slowly disintegrating. The well went bad, gas lines were red tagged, water lines built up rusty clogs and leaks.  What once stood as the proud community center of the area was turning to shambles. 


Where the once proud water tower stood has crumbled and still remains a ruin of this ghost town. 

That rack of stoves were removed leaving a scar in the wall and damage to the floor.  The issues have begun to be addressed.




Mr. Gessert first viewed the old hotel in September 2013 and it was love at first sight.  His reason for buying was simple as he said. "What better place to live than in this quiet, pleasant, community, along this quaint country road, in one of the coolest old buildings I have ever seen."  Where it goes from here, only time will tell.