Cochise Hotel
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The Cochise Hotel is under new management.


The Cochise Hotel is now owned by Phillip Gessert


Mr. Gessert is the owner of Pharo Bank.  A fine collection of antique gambling equipment and western artifacts and Victorian furnishings.

Left to right, Phillip Gessert sometimes known as Pharo Phil, Jefferson Smith great grandson of the infamous scoundrel Soapy Smith, Whitt Hadyn also know as Pop the greatest medicine man and magician of our time and on the right German Pete Mennyheart owner of the White Horse movie ranch in California.


For the past six years the team of Pharo Bank dealers play the Soapy Smith Wake with is hosted by the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California.


Dealers include step daughter Jocelyn photo on left, center photo daughter January (right of photo) and her friends Anica & Tonya, right photo son Wyatt.

Mr. Gessert is the author of the yet unpublished picture book, TIN TYPE ROGUE. Taking historical images and blending them into realistic scenes, the book follows the adventurous life of a Tin Type photographer who makes his way across the western frontier photographing many of the famous wild west characters.

Mr. Gessert standing in the top photo, owns the LUCKY DAY MINE mining claim once owned and operated by Wyatt and Jose Earp. The bottom photo is of Jose (left) and Wyatt (right) camped at the same location as the photo above.

In 2008 and 2009 JD Yates (far left) took Mr. & Mrs. (right next to horse) Gessert's horse Pepstailormadepistol...Pistol... to the AQHA world show in OK city. Finishing fourth the first year and winning a 3rd place Bronze Trophy with Jay Wadems (aboard horse). To the right of Mrs. Jo Gessert is Cory Cushing the horse's trainer. 


Since 1975 Phillip Gessert has worked in the film industry on over three thousand productions including (above) Wing Commander 3 & 4 video game masterpieces, the multi award-winning documentary American Songwriter and many seasons of the MTV hit shows Real World, Road Rules and the Real World Road Rules Challenge.  Gessert has worked for notable directors like Robert Altman & Martin Scorsese and has edited music videos for artists like Hammer, Robbie Robertson, Tina Turner, The Pointer Sisters, Paula Abdul and many others, as well as television programs for nearly every national and cable network.