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Here are links to organizations and individuals who are friends of the Cochise Hotel.


Here is a list of our favorite links about western history.


The game of FARO and the history and equipment of gaming in the 19th and early 20th century.

Pop Haydn, cerifiable genious

Here is one of the best magicians, artist and confidence man extant.

White Horse Ranch

An authentic western town that is still living.  The inhabitants all carry guns and use them regularly. The man behind this Disneyland of the Wild West is the famous German Pete Menyheart.

Soapy Smith

The infamous gambler/con man who ran the Tivoli Club in Denver and died in Skagway Alaska.  A true American scoundrel.  His life lives on in his great grandson Jefferson Randolph Smith IV who wrote the book and plays the part.


Offered by Parnell Cards and Shay Maxwell, is the on-line game of Faro just as fast and furious as it was in the old west when it was the game of choice for everyone.

Peter Jordan Photographer

The best photographer in Arizona, perhaps the world.